Becca's Petites

Meet Becca Salmonson, Founder of Becca's Petites:

Nothing brings me more joy than creating recipes and cooking delicious, healthy food for those I love. As a young girl growing up in the South with the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in my backyard, I used to dream of designing airplanes. It was, after all, where the rockets that put men on the moon were developed. In high school, I enjoyed physics so much that it quickly became my favorite subject. I began college studying aerospace engineering with a desire to achieve the impossible. 

As in aerodynamics, life’s twists and turns led me on a different creative path, where I found myself designing clothing in my late twenties and thirties, then developing recipes into my forties.

In 2012, inspired by Mum’s illnesses and a desire to combine my nurturing nature with my passion for food, I studied holistic nutrition and health coaching and became a personal chef for those with special dietary needs. Yet again, I found myself wanting to heal others by understanding how to make healthy food taste amazing. My purpose in life came full circle as the seeds for BOUCHÉES were beginning to sprout.

BOUCHÉES were born in 2016 from a desire to create a nut-based, nutrient-rich snack for a dear friend undergoing chemo. We wanted to honor Kevin’s memory by raising money for his son's education fund. Along the way, we became a natural foods company that makes these same scrumptious mixes for anyone who appreciates quality at any time of the day. 

"Always nutty . . . never naughty!"™