Cin Chili & Company

Cindy Reed Wilkins, aka The Chili Queen, is a legend in the chili community. She's one of the greatest champions in the history of chili competition. Cindy has won an extraordinary 15 first-place awards, over 100 total, in the world of championship red chili. Her highest honor is winning the coveted Terlingua International Chili Championship not once, but twice, in 1992 and 1993. She's the only person ever to win it back-to-back.

It's not surprising that Cindy has the pedigree of a family dynasty – her Great Uncle won Championship, her Aunt won State Championship, and Dad came in second when Mom won World Championship!

For 20 years, she's been tweaking her best chili recipe, from the size of her beef cubes to her secret blend of powdered chili spices. Today, Cindy and her husband, Bruce, manufacture and sell her award-winning chili seasoning and hot sauces through family-owned Cin Chili & Company.

In 2006 Cindy was chosen by the Food Network, to go up against Bobby Flay, on his soon to be released new show, called Throwdown With Bobby Flay.  Cindy's segment was the first season, the third episode, called the Chili Challenge.  Cindy is the only person in Throwdown history to tie Bobby.

Cin Chili & Company has grown since it's conception in 2005, from one awesome product to fifteen and counting.  Keep your eye on Cindy.  She's a force to be reckoned with.