Divine Bovine Jerky
Based in Palm Desert, California, Divine Bovine is a small family company that takes pride in delivering superior grade jerky that not only tastes amazing but is good for you, too. The quality of their meats, combined with their homemade marinades make for a soft, moist & delicious product that you'll absolutely LOVE!

Divine Bovine was founded by lifelong entrepreneur, Anthony Longo. In the late 1980’s/early 1990’s Anthony set out to create a higher quality, more flavorful jerky than what was available on store shelves. Testing various cuts of meats with many different homemade marinades, Anthony found that for Beef Jerky, Dry-Aged Steer Brisket of Beef was the most flavorful, most tender cut of meat.  More expensive, yes, but the only cut he would use. 

During the 90's, Anthony sold the jerky in his Bike Shops and in Flaherty's, his Irish pub, and not surprisingly, it was a HUGE hit with all his customers. Fast forward to 2001 and the business was born! Divine Bovine hopes you love their jerky as much as they do and can see, taste and feel the quality and care with which all products are made.