Pulse Foods

Meet Linda Kim, founder of Pulse Foods, LLC.

I started Pulse because I wanted a snack that was made with clean organic ingredients that would nourish me and give me a boost of energy throughout the day. My roasted chickpeas were the perfect snack because they were easy to digest and filling so I could keep ongoing. I spent countless days canvassing the streets of New York City to get my chickpea snacks into stores. I wanted to get them into the hands of people like me who were always on the go and needed that pick me up in the middle of the day or weekend warriors who immersed themselves in outdoor adventures.

As Pulse has grown I have aligned myself with suppliers that are transparent in their practices and have years of experience mastering and harvesting their crops. I took the time to revamp our supply chain. Our production facilities are in the Bronx, NY and Berkeley, CA. We have a direct relationship with our suppliers and have reduced our carbon emissions. We went from sourcing our chickpeas from Turkey to finding an organic farm in AZ and instead of getting our olive oil from Italy we now get them from a local organic farm in Madera, CA.  

We remain nimble and are focused on quality and are constantly looking for ways to improve our products inside and out. You can count on us to use only 100% organic premium ingredients. We use an organic buttery olive oil that’s clean and pure to coat our chickpeas. Our chickpeas are always baked and never fried. We are mindful of creating seasonings that are packed full of flavor and complement the natural health benefits of chickpeas. You can enjoy our savory snacks guilt-free knowing that an entire bag has less than 220 calories, contains 10g of fiber, and 10g of protein.