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The Heat Seeker Box - Gift 1 Year Prepaid


Hand selected by Cayenne Diane, each seasonal Heat Seeker Box contains an assortment of spicy gourmet foods. Each unique box may contain a selection of hot sauces, salsas, candies, spices, seeds, and more, delivered every 3 months (4 boxes total,.....

Heat Seeker Winter Box


The Heat Seeker Winter Box is bringin' back the heat this winter season! Here's what's in the box... Volcanic Peppers Red Reaper Pretzels: These pretzels are delish and pack that Carolina Reaper heat!.....

The Heat Seeker Box "The Spicy Snacks" Edition


Love spicy snacks? Then the Heat Seeker "Spicy Snacks" Box is for you! Sauce Goddess 'Devil's Bite' Caramel Corn: Bringing back one of the all time favorites from my first Heat Seeker Box! This caramel.....