Love spicy sweets? The Sweet Heat box offers gourmet treats with just the right balance of sweet and spicy heat!

Oregon Hazelnut Toffee - Spicy Red Pepper by Holm Made Toffee Co. - This flavor is the perfect pairing of sweet and spicy. You get the sweet, buttery flavor first - and a nice kick of heat at the end. Serve with red wine and cheese for a perfect party platter! This toffee contains no gluten, soy, corn syrup or preservatives. It's Happiness. Plain & Simple!

Chipotle Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar by Butterfly Bakery of Vermont - The perfection of chocolate and peanut butter gets a spicy upgrade. Made with natural ingredients, this treat uses Vermont maple trees twice. Once to provide the sweetness of pure maple syrup, and again to smoke the jalapeños, turning them into rich, smoke-tinged chipotles. Oats and flax seeds round out the recipe, right before reminding you that it still packs a punch.

Carolina Reaper Peanut Brittle by Sonoran Spice Company - This is a delicious peanut brittle that has a good amount of heat. Don't let the Carolina Reaper in this scare you off. The heat is enough to let you know its there, but not too extreme.