The perfection of chocolate and peanut butter gets a spicy upgrade! If you're a fan of the YouTube show Hot Ones, you may be familiar with Butterfly Bakery of Vermont for being in the hot sauce line-up. And while Claire does create some excellent hot sauces, she's also pretty good at coming up with some delicious spicy treats! Like this one.

Made with natural ingredients, this treat uses Vermont maple trees twice. Once to provide the sweetness of pure maple syrup, and again to smoke the jalapeos to turn them into rich, smoke-tinged chipotles. Oats and flax seeds round out the recipe and give it a perfect texture-right before reminding you that it still delivers some delightful heat.

Owned by Claire Georges, Butterfly Bakery of Vermont purchases all of their chile peppers and maple syrup directly from the small-scale Vermont farmers.

Ingredients: Organic oats, organic unsweetened chocolate, peanut butter, pure Vermont maple syrup, peanuts, organic flax seeds, maple wood smoked Vermont jalapeos, vanilla, salt.

Each 3oz bar is individually packaged.


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