Refund Policy

In the following text, "We" refers to Heat Seeker Box, the storefront of Cayenne Diane. Purchasing items from our site implies a contract has formed between you and our company.
Cancellations and Refunds:

Because we purchase our products based on paid subscriptions, we cannot give refunds after the billing cycle has been completed. You can, of course, cancel whenever you like. If you cancel after the billing period then you will receive one more Heat Seeker Box. 

If any item is received in damaged or unusable condition, we will make a best-effort to replace it. As inventories are often limited, this cannot be guaranteed. We will work with you to find a different item, or a partial refund, or credit toward a future purchase.

In any event, the limit of our damages will not exceed purchase price of the items bought.

Use caution and common sense with these spicy products! Although we test every item, we cannot predict or advise on how an individual will react to contact (including allergies) or eating the products we sell.

Any legal actions will be acted upon the jurisdiction of the State of California.