Heat Seeker Box Fall '18

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ON SALE!  The Fall Box includes: Heavenly Fire Salsa: Oh My Goodness! The origins of Heavenly Fire Salsa go back to 1999. Founder, Mark Anderson,......

ON SALE!  The Fall Box includes:

Heavenly Fire Salsa: Oh My Goodness! The origins of Heavenly Fire Salsa go back to 1999. Founder, Mark Anderson, had an inspired moment and decided to make a salsa unlike anything else on the market. He purchased fresh ingredients and set to work on his first batch of salsa. Over the next several years, Mark continued to make salsa while pursuing his graduate studies. He decided to take it professional and founded Heavenly Fire Salsa. Now in its third year, Mark is taking Heavenly Fire Salsa to audiences everywhere by attending farmers markets and festivals.

Chef Iron Mike’s Vesuvius. This Italian sriracha sauce, as you might suspect by the name, is perfect on all Italian food. I call it a “marinara hot sauce”. I like how it blends perfectly with Italian flavors without changing them too much. Pour it over spaghetti, lasagna, or pizza. Also delicious on mac-n-cheese! At the age of 26, Chef Iron Mike graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York with degrees in both Culinary and Pastry Arts. He worked his way from line cook to Executive Chef, and then accomplished his ultimate goal: owning his own restaurant. Upon selling his restaurant in 2017, Chef Mike decided to pursue another passion by developing hot sauces

Jamaican Jerk F.I.T. Brine. F.I.T. BRINE is a gourmet spice blend that tenderizes meat, infuses it with flavor, and keeps meat juicy. Great for many meats and seafood. Simply mix F.I.T. Brine with water, add meat and soak 6-12 hours. They offer 8 different flavors ranging from no heat to very hot. I have to tell you, the Jamaican Jerk brine, their 2nd hottest brine, surprised me with how spicy it made chicken after brining for 7 hours. The Jamaican Jerk was my favorite. Not only because of how spicy and juicy it made the chicken, but also for the amazing spices it imparts into meat. Allspice, thyme, cinnamon and clove are combined with scotch bonnets. This brine made dinner prep quick, easy, and so tasty!

Smokehouse Jerky Co’s “OH” that’s Hot!: I’m always on the hunt for a great, tender, spicy jerky. I recently tried Smokehouse Jerky Co’s jerky and fell in love. Smokehouse Jerky Co has been creating gourmet beef & bacon jerky of the highest quality since 2003. Their “OH, that’s Hot!” cayenne pepper seasoned brisket beef jerky has a sweet, smoky, juicy, and spicy taste. They also offer a Haunting Heat with ghost peppers, and a Carolina Reaper jerky. With their bacon jerky, try on a hamburger or chop them up and sprinkle them on eggs, salad, potatoes, mac-n-cheese and more.

Sugar Rush Peach pepper seeds. A sumptuous snacking pepper, Sugar Rush Peach is by far the most fun pepper to eat. The long, peach-colored fruits have a mild tropical flavor. They are not overly hot. This is an open-pollinated variety bred by Chris Fowler of Wales. Chris credits this amazing variety as being a happy accident courtesy of adventurous pollinating insects buzzing between various varieties of flavorful peppers. A prolific and easy to grow pepper, it does require some time to ripen, so plant early. Visit CayenneDiane.com for tips on container growing peppers from seed.

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