Sweet and Spicy Heat Seeker Box

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SALE! The Sweet and Spicy Heat Seeker Box is on sale. Only a few left. Get yours before it's gone for good.  Mike’s Hot Honey.  Established in......

SALE! The Sweet and Spicy Heat Seeker Box is on sale. Only a few left. Get yours before it's gone for good. 

Mike’s Hot Honey.  Established in Brooklyn, NY in 2010, Mike’s Hot Honey is a chili pepper-infused honey and, quite possibly, the world’s most versatile condiment. The sweet and spicy Hot Honey is a delicious pairing with a wide variety of foods including pizza, chicken, ribs, biscuits, salads, fruits, cheeses, and even ice cream. Also useful in cocktails and marinades, Mike’s Hot Honey is a dynamic condiment made with the heat-lover in mind.

Bushwick Kitchen’s Spicy Maple Syrup. Created in 2014 by Morgan and Casey, Bushwick Kitchen is named after the neighborhood of Brooklyn where it was created. Combining sweet maple syrup from the Catskill Mountains with a spicy mix of chile peppers, Trees Knees Spicy Maple is great on anything from a pan of roasted vegetables, to crispy fried bacon, to slices of skillet cornbread—and of course, on chicken & waffles!

Rio Seasoning’s Rio Hot. Add this great tasting seasoning to chicken batter to kick up the flavor & heat! It really goes well on everything. The Rio Seasoning Company is a family-owned business located in Deer Park, WA that specializes in made-from-scratch, small batch, artisanal seasonings. Diva and Richard Curtis, husband and wife owners, founded The Rio Seasoning Company in 2014 using a recipe brought from Brazil over 30 years ago. Their seasonings always start with fresh ingredients. What gives Rio Hot its special kick is Pimenta-de-bode, a hot pepper used to flavor most traditional dishes in Brazil.

keygoes: chili: a great gadget for all fans of spice. You can now have your favorite seasoning with you everywhere! Carolina Reaper powder is included in this box, picked because it’s a perfect blend of heat and flavor You can also order empty vials to swap out spices at any time (Available on Amazon or via their website, keygoes.com.) They also offer other spice options & different color keygoes.

Thai Red pepper seeds. A hot heirloom chile from Thailand, these peppers are used in almost every dish in old Siam. These small, pointed fruits are easy to dry, bright red in color, and deliver a good amount of heat. It makes a great editable and ornamental plant that is loaded with fruit. The thin-skin makes them ideal for drying. Once dried they can be coarsely ground for hot pepper flakes, or finely ground for a nice powder. Visit CayenneDiane.com for tips on container growing peppers from seed.

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Plus enjoy FREE SHIPPING! Limited quantity. Get this spicy box before it's gone!

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