Heat Seeker Box Summer '18

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Time to heat things up this Summer with the Heat Seeker Box. Darth Sambal, Spicy Ponzu Sauce, Mango Habanero Pork Jerky, Bootlikker Hot Sauce, and......

Time to heat things up this Summer with the Heat Seeker Box. Darth Sambal, Spicy Ponzu Sauce, Mango Habanero Pork Jerky, Bootlikker Hot Sauce, and some Caribbean Red Hab seeds are sure to do just that! 

BootLikker Hot Sauce.  Move over Frank's! Established in Atlanta, GA in 2016, Bootlikker Hot Sauce has actually been building a fanbase out a friend-base for a decade. It's the tequila and pickled jalapeño that makes the magic in the mix. The Louisiana-style cayenne-based sauce wakes up the flavor in a wide variety of foods including wings, burgers, pizza, popcorn, chicken wraps, cheese and many others.  It's even an amazing steak marinade. Bootlikker Hot Sauce is not a dare sauce. It's about the balance of flavor and heat. Hot. Not Too Hot.

Darth Sambal Hot Pepper Relish. Volcanic Pepper's interpretation of Indonesian chile paste known as Sambal. It's a thick blend of Cayenne, Aleppo, Red Jalapeno, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and 7-Pot Douglah peppers. Great flavor and definitely on the hotter side. This paste is great on steak. I also make a spicy ketchup by adding in this sambal. Super delicious!

Spicy Ponzu Sauce. The combination of soy sauce, citrus, ginger, garlic and hot peppers makes Volcanic Pepper's Ghost Pepper Ponzu Sauce a great way to add some punch and terrific flavor to sushi, dumplings, egg rolls, or stir fry, and it also makes a great marinade for your steak or chicken.

Crooked Creek Farm's Mango Habanero Pork Jerky: This 100% pork jerky is a perfect combo of spicy and sweet. This recipe will grab your taste buds. Crooked Creek Farm Pork Jerky is for people who like jerky that is moist and easy to chew. Their jerky is made with 100% USDA pork from American hogs.  Antibiotic free and no added hormones. The perfect on the go, high protein snack.

Caribbean Red Habanero pepper seeds. The Caribbean red habanero is a heavy producer, that can be twice as spicy as the common orange habanero, so use caution as you enjoy the incredible warmth and rich taste of these lantern-shaped 2” fruits. They can take more time than other peppers to mature, so give them plenty of time to ripen. Very ornamental, as well as perfect for spicing up a pot of chili or making killer hot sauce. Visit CayenneDiane.com for tips on container growing peppers from seed.

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